Art Commissions now OPEN!

2016-03-10 17:25:50 by ArtistGamerGal



Sorry, they are now closed and that email is no longer valid!


I'm happy to announce that commissions are now OPEN!
If you are interested in commissioning an illustration, please see the image for pricing information and send me request details through a private message or to - Thank you!


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2016-03-11 02:15:59

Fellow artist here, I'm curious what is different in the last step, any work I do ends at shadows and highlights, what are you doing in the last one? just smoothing and adding light sources other effects?

ArtistGamerGal responds:

The full CG painting includes a fully rendered background/foreground that is just as developed as the character as opposed to just splashes of color implying shapes and shadows in the previous. This wasn't quite the best example of that so I may update my sheet to a drawing that better reflects that difference later.

And you were right about more smoothing, lighting, and effects. Since the image now has an actual background, I take into consideration the environment's lighting and time of day rather than just sort of a general lighting and angle. I also spend more time on blending the shadows and highlights because of all these factors being considered.

So to summerize, one is general lighting with no background that emphasizes the character and the other a full background with lighting based on the enviornment and the character sits more in the enviroment. I hope that makes sense! >_<