Entry #16


2017-06-30 17:18:00 by ArtistGamerGal

Did I mention I started an animation studio with my best friend artistgamerguy? Studio FREEXORBURN!

We are a small web based animation studio with various clients and projects, including the original series we are developing, Chroma Black! (which has tons and tons of concept art on my Art page!)

Our studio finally has a YouTube channel! Please check it out and subscribe for never before seen test animations and to continue to watch the development of Chroma Black!

We will still continue to upload the progress that we can through the Art Portal, but because of file limitations some longer animations and process videos are only available on our YouTube channel.

Once we have our Chroma Black animated demo ready, we will be uploading it through the video portal under our new StudioFREEXORBURN Newgrounds account!

Much more to come! Thanks for watching!


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2017-06-30 18:30:54

Dat pretty neat

ArtistGamerGal responds:



2017-06-30 21:36:08

Oh snap that's pretty awesome, didn't know you were still around. If you ever need VO/VAs I'd love to audition. ^^

(Updated ) ArtistGamerGal responds:

I'm still kickin! Thanks for offering! I have people in mind already for voices, but I will reach out if I need more, thanks!